Tuesday, December 16, 2014


 After an autumn
filled with more pitfalls
than I could have imagined,
 I was amazed
to have been able
to pull off a St. Nicolas Day
celebration of any sort.
Playing catch up
has become a growing habit
and one which I'm afraid will be put into play
here in blogland as well.
But until then..
all best holiday wishes
to you!


  1. Glad you managed a little celebration...catch up when you can, no rush... just take your time to breath as well. :-)

  2. NJ, It was good to see a posting...knowing that you are super busy. Take care. Becky Jo

  3. Such a beautiful table to share with us! I hope your Holy Days are filled with more joy than stress. Breath deep :-)



  4. Hi, Natalie Jo. I FINALLY finished my Lily Pincushion, begun about two years ago. Tomorrow I will "abandon" it (ie: give it away anonymously) as part of "the Art Abandonment Project." You can see it on that Facebook page. I'm very pleased with it. Thanks for being such a generous soul and teaching us how to make them. I know I will make more of them.