Sunday, July 2, 2017

What's Up?

Quite literally the most exciting thing up in our neck of the woods 
is a brand new chandelier....

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever live in a home with such elegance,
I feel like Cinderella! Our previous boring old light fixture developed a habit 
of popping and smoking whenever the switch was turned on 
and so a venture out to Home Depot was in order.

I found an amazing assortment of sleek and oh so grown up specimens to choose from, 
unfortunately I am not a very sleek or grown up individual.
In fact I felt very Goldilock-ish in that nothing felt just right.....
too big,
too bright,
too boring.

But then, way down low I spied something of interest, 
a relatively tiny box with a hint of glimmer to it.
The home improvement fairies must have secreted it away just for me
for the box contained what was marketed as a 
"Miniature Chandelier."

Oh the power of words....

Add to that a can of Robin's Egg Blue spray paint,
an agreeable dear hubby, a bewildered electrician and here I am,
living like a princess!

But what else do I fill my days with aside from selecting ball gowns and eating bonbons?

Well I'm trying to remember how to take photos for some listings I 
want to get in the shop....the poor thing has been 
as empty as Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard for ages upon ages now!

I've also a fair share of goodies I need to get delivered....

.....and so many more in the works!

I've got a wish list of inventory I'm hoping to take with me to 
the Southern New Hampshire Doll Show and Sale this September and a lack of available elves to help with the production so it looks like my fingers will be busy!

All in all I'd say it's a happily ever after adventure.


  1. I love your chandelier, Natalie Jo! When we bought our home (built in 1940) there was a small one in the dining room. The dining room is now the computer/music room, but the chandelier lives on...every girl needs bit of glam in her life :-)



    1. Oh I would love your home Beth! The 40's is one of my favorite periods of american architecture and knowing now that you too have a chandelier, well I could move right in!!!

  2. Are the cute boxes with the Penelope doll going to be in your Etsy shop? Love the chandelier-just bought one from Home Depot, too-for a bedroom!

    1. Well I do believe there should be a chandelier girls club don't you think?!!

      On the Pinelope front, unfortunately most of what is pictured here is headed out for an order. I will only have one or two left over that I can put into the shop along with several Little Red Riding Hood pin dolls. This should happen in the next week or so.

      The good news is once I finish up my current orders I will be getting back to work making up several more batches for the shop and an upcoming doll show I'll be attending. Stay tuned!!!